Private Work

Here is a couple initial ideas for a DJ logo using Adobe Illustrator.

The above design used speakers on either side of the CDJ. However, the main DJ tools are headphones as well as a CDJ.

I then designed a pair of headphones to be positioned on either side of the CDJ and flipped the dotted pattern in the background the other way round.

Above is the final logo design for DJ Midi. I chose to use a coloured gradient in the background to match that in the ‘MIDI’ text. An outline was also placed around the headphones and CDJ.




Below are logo designs done for a recruitment agency.

The name of it is ACE recruitment so I incorporated a spade form a deck of playing cards behind the letter ‘A’






Below are a few logo variations for a cake designing company called ‘Curly Cakes’.

All designs include a 3 tier cake as a background with the Curly Cakes character and text.


Below is the final design for Curly Cakes logo. The text is done in pink and the tier and charater in black.